New York state facts

    Fourth most populous state
    From 1805 until California surpassed it in population in 1962, New York state was the most populous state in the United States. In 1994, Texas surpassed New York state in population making New York the third most populous state. In 2014, Florida's population surpassed New York State's population. So currently Florida is USA’s third most populous state and New York state is the fourth most populous state.
    New York state facts

    Niagara Falls
    Niagara Falls, New York is the oldest state-promoted tourist attraction in the United States. In 1885, New York State acquired property around Niagara Falls and established the first state park in the United States calling it 'Niagara Reservation'. Contrary to the popular belief, Niagara Falls is not the highest waterfall in the USA. It is not even the highest waterfall in New York State! Taughannock Falls is the tallest single-drop waterfall in the state of New York. Yet, Niagara Falls is the most visited waterfall in the world.
    Facts about New York state
    New Netherland

    New York harbor was visited by Giovanni Verrazano in 1524, and the Hudson River was first explored by Henry Hudson in 1609. In 1624, the Dutch settled in the area that is now called 'New York State' and ruled it for 40 years as 'New Netherland'. It was conquered by the English in 1664 and was then named New York in honor of the Duke of York (who later became King of England and Ireland as James II and King of Scotland as James VII)
    Facts about New York state
    America's Battleground

    New York State was the principal battleground of many battles of the Revolutionary War. British troops were driven out of New York City on November 25, 1783. On December 4, 1783, at Fraunces Tavern in New York City, General George Washington bade farewell to his officers, officially ending the Revolutionary War.
    Facts about New York state
    American Heritage River

    The Hudson River, named an American Heritage River by the U.S. government, is the longest river in New York State
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